/Spit 32: I made a P.S.A. for our customers

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Published on April 11th, 2011 @ 02:05:00 pm , using 324 words, 758 views
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One of my managers has been riding me hard about this lately… so I put it in comic form.


I decided to made a Public Service Announcement for our customers. Apparently nobody has told them that throwing refuse on the floor where you stand is generally frowned upon, especially when there are approximately five trash cans in the general area not including the tiny trash cans physically attached to each sample dome.


Except when a customer decides to use the small sample dome trash can to throw away their empty coffee cup or something that is about the size if not larger then the actual bucket.


This annoys me. If I’m not constantly on my guard, people will then bounce their toothpicks off said coffee cup and then onto the sales floor. Given that most customers take handfuls of samples, this creates quite a mess in very little time.


Side note: you shouldn’t be eating samples out of a sample dome. I’m not just saying that because I hate cleaning up after you… which I do.


I’m telling you because people reach their dirty hands in there and fondle more pieces then they take.


That and little kids who are about the height of the dome stick their faces in there to get a good view of which piece they want.


We’d be happy to cut you a slice of anything you want to try. Heck I’d be happy to do it myself. It’s got to be safer then gorging on the free samples that strangers have been pawing at.


Honestly I don’t know why anyone would eat a free sample out of our dome. Most people should know how turkey tastes by now; very few people are amazed by the taste of it.


Eat at your own risk. I guess it’s built in karma for those people who take advantage of the situation.


I made a PSA.

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