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Wow. Ok... I actually took this call a couple weeks back in the store. The guy actually said that on the phone and told me that he wouldn't come in for a refund or ever again because the sub sandwich was THAT bad.

Seriously? First of all I have no clue if I was the one who made the sandwich or not, or when he came in. Secondly, how badly can anyone mess up a sub?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but what does it matter what it looks like inside the bread. When you bite into it, it all gets mixed up in your mouth hole and swallowed in clumps of messy goodness.

Yes, if we had put something on there he didn't ask for, or if the food was spoiled and made him sick then of course we would be at fault. But, the guy went out of his way to tell me how premium our ingredients always are, that the food wasn't spoiled; it was just that they were assembled horribly wrong.

Was there a flaw in the pickle matrix? Was the lettuce slightly off center which caused a deadly tail spin when he tried to pick up the sandwich?

It took me forever to come up with a punch line for the third frame that expressed what I wanted to... but I think I finally did. Must get better at writing. Then people will actually visit my website and actually read this statement.

 I don't always update my blog.

I think I may illustrate more customer's foolish complaints. It's therapeutic. Wait, is that really how you spell that word? The-rape-utic? English you crazy.

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