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Jeff [Member] ·
Thanks for the advice and the encouragement; sometimes it’s too easy to forget that there are still some good people out there.
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In response to: /Spit 30: Faceblock Conversation

Josh [Visitor]
I enjoyed this comic, and shared it with my black friend who has a severe hard-on for Apple Products. He enjoyed it as well.

I struggle with the issues you've detailed here - I'm a doodler myself, and have longed for the gumption required to create strips for longer than I've had an internet connection - so I can't really offer you any wisdom here. I will say, however, that a core component of those who've been successful in this field is a penchant for consistency. They exhibit a real drive to produce, and it is a property that outshines the words of negative critque.

Haters WILL hate, sir. It is their forte. Your job is to do what you do for your own reasons, and to do so regardless of any other factor. Do not let the commentary of of faceless strangers diminish you in the slightest iota.

~ Another Faceless Stranger
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